Week 2 updates in CICAround and UTSOnline you will want to know about!

Greetings MDSIers,

It was with some delight that I noticed alot of you eager beavers using the long weekend to work diligently on creating your CICAround profiles, collect readings and prepare tasks for your assignments. I do hope, however, that you also took some time out to refresh and to savour the rare pause of a 5-day weekend. Rest assured we will be working you pretty hard this semester, so do make time to play/pause as well Smile

Later this week will see the return of the MDSI Digest, a weekly update alerting you to key activities in various subjects as well as special events & MDSI exclusive offers at they become available. If you have any announcements yourself that you’d like to highlight (in addition to broadcasting within CICAround of course!) then please email Bridget (Bridget.Payne@uts.edu.au).

In the meantime I want to alert you to some new content available in both CICAround and UTSOnline that should be of value for your work this week …and beyond.

  • CICAround – Discussion is buzzing in places as more students and MDSI team are entering CICAround. Simon has added a very handy screencast to the CA Home landing site that guides you through key features of CICAround to get you setup and active in this community. If you haven’t had a chance to view it yet, I highly recommend that you do. More will follow as CICAround continues to grow and evolve. But it can only do so with the care and feeding of us all. So please join us — and let us know what else you would like to see in this exciting new addition to MDSI.
  • UTSOnline – The UTSOnline spaces for each subject will still be valuable repositories for content you need throughout the semester. You will notice that new content has been uploaded in recent days in subjects with forthcoming on-campus sessions such as 36101, 36103 and 36106 (to name but three).While the MDSI Digest is designed to help make some of this oft invisible updating more visible for you, I strongly encourage you to make it a habit to visit your subjects at least once/twice a week on your own to make sure you are aware of updates.

OK, that is all for now. Best wishes for a great start to the week,

See you in CICAround.