Visualising google sheets text data as a wall/stream

Project Propser:

Simon Knight

Project Contact:

Simon Knight

Problem Statement:

A few twitter wall applications exist, but require hosting, significant setup, and are app specific. A wall/stream app that could draw data from google sheets could draw on form submissions, data fed to sheets via ifttt, or various other sources to provide a 'live' visual text stream

Desired Outcome:

An visualisation could draw data from various sources with minimal end-user setup (e.g., specifying a column in a google sheet, which draws data from a source), ideally various visualisations including the text stream could be implemented.  These are useful for events (based on a hashtag) and classroom contexts (based on e.g., quiz submissions). Some existing apps exist, but tend to be tied to particular platforms. Existing apps often include filter-terms (so those submitting quizzes/using the hashtag can’t get certain terms displayed on a big projecter wall…).  See, e.g., and

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Course Context/s:

Other Information:

The project probably isn’t big enough or complex enough for course work, but might be an interesting side project for someone.

Team Requirements: