Exploring Research Impact Statements Using Text Mining (assigned)

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Simon Knight

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Simon Knight

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Problem Statement:

In the UK academics submit 'impact case studies' as part of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) assessment of research quality across universities. These case studies were made avaialble openly. Some analysis has been conducted on these, but further opportunities should be available.

Desired Outcome:

The case studies are available here. Some text mining has been conducted on this dataset (google search). The rich data – and data like it – might be further mined. Alternatively, it may be possible to work with the Research and Innovation Office at UTS to explore the datasets we hold, including text data (from impact statements, funding applications and reports, publications, etc.) and other data such as collaboration networks. Outcomes might help researchers understand their reach, or flag ways that researchers could increase their impact, or foster new successful collaborations.

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I wrote some rough thoughts on this dataset here http://sjgknight.com/finding-knowledge/2015/11/bibliometrics-altmetrics-r/

Depending on project scoping an individual might be able to tackle parts of this problem alone.

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