CIC-UTS Data Arena: visualising immersive data (assigned)

Project Propser:

Roberto Martinez-Maldonado

Project Contact:

Roberto Martinez-Maldonado

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Problem Statement:

The Data Arena is a 360-degree interactive data visualisation facility consisting of a large cylindrical screen, four metres high and ten metres in diameter. A high performance computer graphics system drives six 3D-stereo video projectors, edge-blended to create a seamless three-dimensional panorama. It’s a powerful immersive facility which can help business, government, and research simplify complex information. Users in the Arena can surround themselves in data to observe, explore, refine, improve, discover and learn.

Desired Outcome:


The student or team doing the iLab in the Data Arena will have the opportunity to develop a data visualisation solution to be deployed in this novel space and explore ways in which people can engage in and interact with large collaborative data visualisation.

There are two suggested streams for this project which requires different student’s skills:

  1. Data orientation: the first stream consists in designing an interface that can display multiple representations of the same data or multiple datasets to support sense making for groups of stakeholders. The student or team doing this iLab can use visualisation tools, such as D3 or similar web-based visualisation libraries. The iLab will basically consist of the identification of a problematic situation, the development of the data visualisations, user testing and reporting the results.
  2. Activity orientation: the second stream is focused on supporting realistic tasks in the iLab. This is part of a collaborative research project between CIC and FEIT to understand what kind of activities can be supported in the Data Arena. The iLab will focus on generating the means for groups of people to be able to interact with traces of their own data displayed in the Data Arena, use the Data Arena physical space to interact and harvest these Data, to then generate a story that can serve as a reflection tool to enhance their own learning. There’s the opportunity for the student or team to work on CIC Around data. This iLab may require some programming skills, but we would be open to find alternatives.


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