Analytics across physical and digital spaces

Project Propser:

Roberto Martinez-Maldonado

Project Contact:

Roberto Martinez-Maldonado

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Problem Statement:

Students’ learning commonly occurs in spaces and at moments that go beyond formal education, and this learning is not constrained to a single physical or digital environment.

Desired Outcome:

The challenge is to find the best approaches that can be applied to automatically capture traces of students’ activity, and understand how  analytics techniques can be used in heterogeneous contexts.

An overarching concern is how to integrate and coordinate learning analytics to provide continued support to learning across digital and physical spaces. The project can be focused on sensing and analysing f2f collaborative student’s data.

This reading can give some clues about the type of project that can be formulated:  Interactive Surfaces and Learning Analytics: Data, Orchestration Aspects, Pedagogical Uses and Challenges.

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