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  • Looking back at my story as an international student, going for a new course, in a new area that is (still) not even recognized as a skill by immigration I cannot fathom how much of it was a true leap of […]

    • Good on you Pedro. It seems like it has been a bit of a journey but your persistence has paid off! Always good for the rest of us to see there is a light at the end of the uni tunnel.

      My wife grew up out in the country and we go out there quite a bit to visit her family. It’s definitely a different lifestyle to get used to but I’m sure you’ll love it. (But i do suggest get used to online shopping for any tech you need)

    • Great post Pedro, Congrats on securing job as a Data Scientist, and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

    • Congratulation Pedro on the new role, and for persisting with it.
      Time to hangup the pipette for good.

  • Today I’ll take my time to talk about my industry experience, my hands-on work and how I mine mining data.

    In late December I was given the opportunity to work, initially as a vacation student in a test type […]

    • Thanks Pedro for being one of the pioneer posters trialing out the new dashboard and tag practice. I appreciate hearing about your summer job out in the blazing heat of Orange. Mining mining data — love it 🙂

      I really liked the comment you made about how
      “… once I start explaining how the systems works, based on my data, they start nodding and going “I knew it!”. Most of my work has been done to validate some hypothesis and ideas or observations the experts had. Amidst it all, I’ve found some quirkinesses and gave them new issues to think about.”

      It reminds me of a story Jeremy told about how emergency service workers got very excited when the data analysis confirmed their gut feelings. Common situation — though equally intriguing is the challenge of working out what to do when the data DOESN’T do that. But let’s save that for another post ….

  • Two years ago I started a personal and professional adventure in an area I had heard much about (buzz words everywhere!) but had never met anyone who “got it”. Anecdotally, I still find it hard to explain what […]

    • congratulations, and best of luck!

    • Well written, Pedro. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and MDSI experience and wishing you the best in conquering your data science dream job.

  • Today I can finally say I’ve finished iLab 2 (afer this post, at least) as I’ve delivered a working application to the client, documentation (in the form of a video) and my final report.

    Looking back at the […]

  • Just came from my final exam on my final elective (Web Technologies), that ended at 22:00. Relaxed with some Blink 182 on the bus and ice cream at home for dinner. Now, I must write…

    I feel the time is right t […]

  • One more exam, and another assessment, and I’m done with the MDSI. If there is anything I’ve learnt in the past few months is to prioritize and take my tasks one at a time, concentrate my efforts in a very short […]

  • So much to do, so little time!

    iLab 2 has been hectic, a whole lot of work, a lot of achievements, some frustrations but overall a great learning experience! Working in a team has paid off. William has been a […]

  • Two weeks left for the end of the iLab… We’re on a lot of pressure to get the work going and finish the deliverable. It is also important now to work on what is perhaps the most important part of it all: the bow […]

  • William and I finished our 6th week of internship today with a brief meeting explaining our achievements and developments to our stakeholders.

    Between code and comments, we’re up to over 2800 lines of code in […]

  • Jalapeño has been busy, but now it “speaks” Homer Simpson!

    So, I took this dataset from Kaggle, The Simpsons by the Data, filtered Homer’s sentences and fed it to Jalapeño on an AWS c4.8xlarge in […]

  • Perhaps one of the biggest challenges so far was to set up an environment for me and William to collaborate in our iLab 2 internships.

    At the beginning, working independently sufficed as we were actually […]

  • Awesome!

    Thank you for sharing our experience!!
    You’re so right, it’s not just about dumping numbers 🙂

    Again, everything is awesome when you’re part of a team!

  • I’m 8 days into the internship. It has been 8 days of great work, some achievements, and a few frustrations.

    I’m becoming what I want, a focused consultant, capable of solving issues on the fly, delivering […]

  • Just started iLab 2 and in just 3 days William and I have already achieved heaps!

    The startup environment is awesome, being able to sit on an open space desk, work alongside with the company founders and share […]

  • Beautiful wordcloud! Thank you for sharing the code, Sarah!

  • Hi, William!
    Your post broke my Chrome (literally) and no, it’s not your fault (or Trump’s), but rather the formatting of the theme.
    Really enjoyed your take on one of the hottest topics in world politics right now, and the use of the GINI score is very smart. I liked how you’ve built your dashboard and how you’ve explained the different steps…[Read more]

  • Pedro Fernandez wrote a new post, Reporting on work., on the site Pedro's 1 year ago

    A curious phenomenon happens when you’re reporting on your scientific data work, you get back to the results and end up with more experiments to back up your allegations…

  • Everything is aligning up to what will possibly be an amazing iLab 2.

    After a rough start, the process is beginning. Next week both I and William will start an internship at a startup company in Sydney’s CBD. […]

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