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Invitation for 36101 students to contribute to DSI Masterchef challenge as part of their own assessment

The MasterChef Mystery Box Challenge scheduled next next week for DSI provides a great opportunity for 36101 students to meet some of the Year 1 students and make your coaching/mentoring arrangements for your Team Facilitation, Communication and Leadership assessment.  So I hope you will consider joining us on Tuesday evening for this event. If you are interested, please email […]

When is Data Visualisation more Effective than Stats?

Why is Data Visualisation so trendy nowadays? In reality, it has always been, but it is becoming more and more critical because large (VERY large) datasets are being collected every minute around the globe. In fact, every day more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated. Interestingly, up to 90% of the data that we have available today […]

MDSI Digest 8 April 2016

Subject Notices DSI- assignment due Sunday. Please refer to email from course coordinator, Simon Housego DAM- class on Saturday. Formal class starts at 9:30am in CB11.05.101, NOT 9am like your timetable says. This is to allow you to meet up with your group for the presentation of your group work in the half an hour […]